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What is Kinesiology?

Ella Owen uses Advanced Systematic Kinesiology

Kinesiology. Muscle testing

'One session gave me all the information I needed to dramatically improve my health and wellbeing.’
Steve Nobel, director of Alternatives, London

Traditionally Kinesiology (pronounced kin - easy - ology) refers to the study of muscles and movement in the body. However, in the natural health field, the term Kinesiology is seen and used in a wilder context. Here muscles become monitors of stress and imbalance within the whole body. 'Muscle testing' is used to detect various imbalances which may relate to nutrition, emotional wellbeing, and meridian energies.

Kinesiology has its roots in the early 1960s with Doctor George Goodheart, an American Chiropractor. Dr Goodheart began muscle testing to evaluate muscle performance, posture and general structural imbalances. His continued research led him to link the meridian energy flow with muscles and organs. This work also included discoveries of other corrective treatments. Goodheart developed this system which he called 'Applied Kinesiology' and shared this knowledge with other chiropractors and professionals. Further Kinesiology systems have developed since these early days. Ella Owen is trained and qualified in Systematic Kinesiology, which is based on the original research of Dr George Goodheart.

How are muscle tests performed?

Muscle tests are part of a kinesiology session. A simple muscle test is performed with the client raising an arm or leg while the practitioner applies gentle pressure. Kinesiology works best with the client lying on a treatment couch, but it can also be performed with the client seated or standing. Each muscle test takes a couple of seconds and many tests can be performed within the session. Results are immediate and testing is completely pain free. There is no need to remove any clothing. It is suitable for adults and children.

What happens in a consultation?

At the beginning of the consultation Ella Owen will discuss with you any health issues you would like to address, and will also ask you questions regarding your general health, wellbeing, diet and lifestyle. She will then ask you to lie on the couch and she will show you the kinesiology muscle testing procedure. During the kinesiology treatment she may test a number of different muscles and contact various meridian points in order to assess and correct energy imbalances. She will discuss the results of the treatment with you, and offer advice on diet, supplements and other natural solutions. Ella will write down the key points, so that you can put these into practise straight away. She may send you further information via email if appropriate. Follow up appointments are recommended, this depends on individual needs.

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