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Space Clearing & Harmonising

Energetic Space Clearing and Harmonising changes the energy vibration of your living space, bringing in blessings and beautiful loving frequencies, whilst clearing lower energy blocks. It can help to circulate chi-life force within the space.

Sensitive people can be very responsive to their environments and surroundings, receptive to both positive and negative influences.
This process can help to transform a living space into a sacred space, one that uplifts and promotes well-being.
When your home is happy you can be happy.

Who can benefit?

Energetic Space Clearing and Harmonising is suitable for anyone looking to improve their living environment. It can be particularly helpful for those experiencing the following:

  • You have just moved house
  • You are having difficulty sleeping well in your house or bedroom
  • You health or general wellbeing has been comprised since moving into your current home
  • The energy of your space feels cluttered or stuck
  • The energy of your space feels unusually claustrophobic
  • You feel more anxious or depressed within the space
  • You have chronic fatigue
  • The energy of your home, or specific room, just doesn't feel 'right'
  • You are highly sensitive or empathic
  • You have a sensitive child who finds it difficult to sleep, or feels scared/uneasy in his/her bedroom
  • You would like your home or business space to feel more welcoming
  • You would like to create a loving healing space for yourself at home
  • You have a therapy room you would like to clear/uplift to create a healing environment for clients
  • You are finding it a struggle to meditate or relax properly at home
  • You would like to clear energetic imprints of old negative experiences from your home
  • You would like to clear unbenefical energies from previous occupants
  • You would like to experience more creativity within your home, business or personal office space
  • You have your house on the market for sale, and want to attract buyers
  • You just had extensive building works done at home
  • You want to care for your house in a loving way
  • You would like to live in a high vibrational, postive environment

  • 'Since I just moved home, I asked Ella to check my new apartment. We did two sessions, at the end of which the house had completely shifted its energy field. I could sleep better. It feels as if the house had been showered by stardust and angelic vibration.'
    E. Morelli Farolfi

    The energetic Space Clearing and Harmonising is carried out remotely within a Skype session. Occasionally a home visit can arranged upon request. Please email Ella for further information and to discuss how she can help.

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