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Vibrational Healing & Wellbeing Coaching

In her Wellbeing Coaching & Healing sessions, Ella is now working with a new vibrational healing tool. It is an intuitive system which supports wellbeing on many levels. In a session Ella uses this approach, called Quantum Psionics, to send vibrational remedies such as flower essences, sacred symbols, crystals and many other healing frequencies directly to the higher self of the client. An intuitive assessment is carried out, using a pendulum, to measure energetic imbalances, and to highlight additional supportive measures such as nutrition, supplements, alternative therapies and other natural approaches. This healing approach is particularly useful for cleansing and strengthening the energy-body, which can lead to enhanced mental and physical wellbeing and a greater sense of connectiveness and clarity.

Clients come with a theme or intention of their choice. For example - resolving blocks to creativity, strengthening immune system, cutting energetic ties, creating healthy boundaries, healing relationships, increasing self esteem, or any other life area they wish to enhance, create or balance.

Ella specialises in supporting highly sensitive people (HSPs as defined by psychology researcher Elaine N. Aron).

Quantum Psionics was developed in Brazil by a famous healer and teacher, RĂ©gia Prado in 2012.

Sessions take place via Skype. Session length is about 1.5-2 hours. At least 2-3 sessions are recommended.

Please email Ella if you would like to learn more about how you can benefit from these sessions.

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