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Free Gifts. Vibrational Healing Mandala

Free Gifts of Vibrational Healing

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1st April 2018 Easter Sunday!

Gratitude: Vibrational Healing Mandala -1st April 2018 - Free
Sent to you remotely as a gift on 1st April
A special Vibrational Healing Mandala for Gratitude.
This healing energy will be sent to you, if you would like to receive remotely on the day. No need to be present at the time or 'tune-in' or attend a workshop. Join my Gratitude Vibrational Mandala FaceBook group and look out for an event invite. I will post a photo of the new Gratitude Mandala (as soon as I have sent it's essence to you on the day), along with a description of the symbols used and their meanings. Or contact me for further ways to receive.

A healing Mandala (Quantum Psionics Universal Mandala) is a high frequency healing tool. The images and symbols placed on the mandala hold and anchor certain qualities related to the intention. Each Mandala is unique and is carefully made by me with intuition, so that there will be something in there for everyone. This beautiful essence is sent to the higher self of the person, or group, and for the highest good of all concerned. I look forward to sharing with you!

Free Gifts. QP

Ella works with an exciting new vibrational healing tool. She uses 'Quantum Psionics' to send vibrational remedies such as flower essences, sacred symbols, crystals and many other healing frequencies directly to the higher self of the individual. It is an intuitive system which supports wellbeing on many levels. She offers both one to one sessions and events. Each event will have a different theme and intention, for example, abundance, love and relationship, health and wellbeing, inner peace and clarity.

Events & Free Gifts

Check out Ella's Events page for upcoming healing events and free gifts. Events can take place in person or online/remotely. These group events are supportive to naturally sensitive people and also for those wishing to gain more inner connection and clarity.

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