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'I have experienced dramatic changes in my digestion, energy levels and mood within days of having seen Ella'Catherine, North London

Ella Owen has a special interest in natural healing strategies that are gentle on the body, mind and soul. She is passionate about providing holistic wellbeing support, particularly for those who are sensitive to stress.

In a nutritional consultation she advises on the use of diet and natural remedies to restore balance, aid detoxification and address potential nutritional deficiencies. Her natural wellbeing strategies are ideal for sensitive people.

Ella Owen has integrated her knowledge, skills and experience from over eighteen years of practising nutritional therapy, vibrational healing, flower essence therapy and life coaching into her Nutritional Therapy and Holistic Wellness Coaching Sessions to help clients achieve their personal wellness goals.

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Who can benefit?

Natural Nutritional Therapy and Holistic Wellness Coaching can help with many health concerns and wellbeing goals including:

Digestive Problems including Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Emotional Wellness
Low Immunity
Detoxification & Weight Loss

'I have seen Ella for a number of conditions that are not obviously nutrition related and I have had quite dramatic results. She gives me confidence in my own capacity to heal myself through simple changes in diet and supplementation. Over the time that I have seen her, I have also learned a lot about food and nutrition and its power to generate deep and long-lasting health and vitality.'
I. Yngstrom

How do I find out more?

Ella offers consultations over Skype/Zoom specialising in Natural Nutritional Therapy and Holistic Wellness Coaching. Nutritional consultations are also offered in North London at the Canonbury Natural Health Clinic, Highbury Islington.

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More about Ella Owen:

Ella Owen has been practising in North London since 1999. She is qualified in Natural Nutritional Therapy, Advanced Systematic Kinesiology, Strategic Intervention Life Coaching, Flower and Gem Essence Therapy, Quantum Psionics, and other natural healing systems. She is a professional member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.
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How to boost your immune system this Autumn

Autumn is a time to nourish and strengthen your body in preparation for the Winter months ahead. When we live in harmony with the seasons we feel more balanced and well. In traditional Chinese medicine the Autumn season corresponds to the Metal Element, which governs the lungs, large intestine, mind and skin.

Low immune system symptoms include:

Frequent or chronic infections, such as colds, sore throats, viruses and yeast/fungal infections, frequent upset stomach, constant fatigue, lethargy, dark circles under the eyes, lack of concentration and motivation, a feeling of vulnerability and low mood.

Stress, poor dietary habits and inadequate nutritional intake can have a impact on the immune system.

Immune boosting foods: - Read more on my blog here...

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Space Clearing & Harmonising

Ella's Space Clearing and Harmonising changes the energy vibration of your living space, bringing in blessings and beautiful loving frequencies, whilst clearing lower energy blocks. Sensitive people can be very responsive to their environments and surroundings, receptive to both positive and negative influences. This vibrational healing can help to transform a living space into one that uplifts and promotes well-being. There is no need to for Ella to come to your home as this healing can be done remotely.

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Flower Essences & Remedies

Ella advises on individual Flower Remedies for gently balancing emotional stresses and enhancing energy levels. Flower Remedies are made in a way that captures the natural life force of the flower or plant used. When the remedy is taken, it enhances the client's own life force, vitality and potential for healing. Flower Essences have a natural balancing effect on emotions. They can be used successfully to help manage difficult feelings and emotions, help with stress related health problems (such as irritable bowel syndrome), and to help dissolve energy blocks. Flower Remedies are safe to use for all ages.

For further booking information please contact Ella at [email protected]

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