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Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essences are natural remedies which work to help balance emotions, dissolve energy blocks, and increase the body's healing potential. These essences are safe and easy to take. They are suitable for adults and children of all ages. They are safe to combine with orthodox and complementary medicine.

Flower Essences can be very helpful with managing overwhelm and stress, that can come with being naturally sensitive.
They are gentle but at the same time deep acting. Uplifting and clearing unconscious self-limiting beliefs and blocks.
When a remedy is taken, it enhances one's life force, vitality and potential for healing. 

There are thousands of vibrational remedies from around the world. Each beautiful remedy has a different healing action. One flower essence, for example, may help with sleep, another lack of motivation, another grief and sadness and so on. Whatever your personal goal, there will be a flower essence to support you achieve this. 

Ella recommends flower remedies and wellbeing strategies to support you as an individual on an emotional and energetic level. This can be also combined with personalised nutritional support and advice.

Ella has been working with flower essences since 1999. Please contact her for more information or to book a consultation.

If you feeling overwhelmed - here are some of my favourite Essence Combinations for self-care you can choose from: 

- Australian Bush Flower Essence Combination - Calm and Clear
Helps you find time for yourself, to relax without external pressures and demands, to wind down and enjoy relaxing pursuits.

- Australian Bush Flower Essence Combination Emergency Essence 
Helps you ease stress, panic and fear. Can give comfort, calm and greater ability to cope in stressful situations. 

- Healing Herbs Bach Flower Essences
Five Flower Essence

Helps in distress and emotionally upsetting moments.

- Alaskan Essences Spray Mist
Calling all Angels
For enhancing energy, hope, joy and love – also great for space clearing.

- Alaskan Essences Spray Mist
Soul Support

For recovery, restoration and transformation. Helps with stress, fear, shock and trauma - also great for creating a safe space.

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