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Client Testimonials

'I have seen Ella for a number of conditions that are not obviously nutrition related and I have had quite dramatic results. She gives me confidence in my own capacity to heal myself through simple changes in diet and supplementation. Over the time that I have seen her, I have also learned a lot about food and nutrition and its power to generate deep and long-lasting health and vitality.'
I. Yngstrom

'Since I just moved home, I asked her to check my new apartment and to clean it from all the unnecessary old energies, thought forms and negative entities, to help me to declutter, and infuse the space with new harmonised energies.
We did two sessions, at the end of which the house had completely shifted its energy field. I could sleep better. I found all the prefect furniture to make it cosy and practical. It feels as if the house had been showered by stardust and angelic vibration.
So, I highly recommend her to everybody who feels that his/her living space is affected by unwanted energies, and to anyone who has an intention to find a better way to experience their home. I am very grateful for everything she has showed me and helped me with, and I can definitely say that this experience has just confirmed the incredible amount of respect and appreciation I have toward her.'

E. Morelli Farolfi

'I think Ella is an excellent Life Coach. She undoubtedly has a gift for this work. I felt she was with me on my journey. I really felt her commitment.'

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