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'I have experienced dramatic changes in my digestion, energy levels and mood within days of having seen Ella'Catherine, North London

Ella Owen is passionate about providing holistic wellbeing support for naturally sensitive people. As a highly sensitive person herself, she has a special interest in natural healing strategies that are gentle on the body, mind and soul.

Ella Owen advises on the use of diet and natural remedies to restore balance, aid detoxification and address potential nutritional deficiencies. She recommends flower essences and vibrational healing to help harmonise mind, body and soul. Her wellbeing strategies are ideal for sensitive adults and children.

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Nutrition & Kinesiology

For a personalised nutritional approach, Ella Owen uses Kinesiology 'muscle testing'. Kinesiology is used to obtain information about the bio-energetic system of the body. In these sessions Kinesiology is used to help uncover hidden nutritional imbalances and energy imbalances, that may be blocking you from achieving your health goals.

Kinesiology is an holistic therapy approach. The beauty of this system is that it engages the wisdom of your body/mind system to reveal what is right for you as an individual. It is a means of obtaining information about the bio-energetic system of the body.
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Flower Essences & Remedies

Ella advises on individual Flower Remedies for gently balancing emotional stresses and enhancing energy levels. Flower Remedies are made in a way that captures the natural life force of the flower or plant used. When the remedy is taken, it enhances the client's own life force, vitality and potential for healing. Flower Essences have a natural balancing effect on emotions. They can be used successfully to help manage difficult feelings and emotions, help with stress related health problems (such as irritable bowel syndrome), and to help dissolve energy blocks. Flower Remedies are safe to use for all ages.

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Space Clearing & Harmonising

Ella's Space Clearing and Harmonising changes the energy vibration of your living space, bringing in blessings and beautiful loving frequencies, whilst clearing lower energy blocks. Sensitive people can be very responsive to their environments and surroundings, receptive to both positive and negative influences. This vibrational healing can help to transform a living space into one that uplifts and promotes well-being. There is no need to for Ella to come to your home as this healing can be done remotely.

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More about Ella Owen:

Ella Owen has been practising in North London since 1999. She is qualified in Natural Nutritional Therapy, Advanced Systematic Kinesiology, Strategic Intervention Life Coaching, Flower and Gem Essence Therapy, Quantum Psionics, and other natural healing systems. She is a professional member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.
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How do I find out more?

Ella offers one to one Skype consultations specialising in Nutritional Healing, Kinesiology, Flower Essence Therapy and Space Harmonising. Sessions are also offered in Highbury Islington, London.

For further booking information please contact Ella at info@ellaowen.co.uk

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