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About Ella Owen

Ella Owen is a health and wellbeing facilitator specialising in nutritional therapy, wellbeing coaching, and vibrational energy healing modalities, and has been in practise since 1999.

She trained with the College of Natural Nutrition and the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology and is a member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. Other trainings include; Strategic Intervention Life Coaching, Flower and Gem Essence Therapy, Quantum Psionics and various other energy healing modalities.

Ella offers one to one coaching, consultations and small group workshops.

Ella’s path into natural healthcare and personal development began in her early 20s while at university. It was in her final year of studying for a degree in civil engineering when her health began to deteriorate, forcing her to drop out of university. The problem was that she wasn’t quite sure what was wrong. Conventional doctors had no answer, so she started to explore alternative systems of healing. It was when she visited a kinesiologist that she got the some of the answers that she had been looking for. She was able to regain her energy and health using natural products and natural therapies. It was a real turning point. She knew from that day that she wanted to learn these amazing therapies and help other people transform their lives too.

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